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Leadership accelerator workshops

Our leadership accelerator programs are designed to help you motivate and retain people, delivered through an unforgettable experiential style. 

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Announcing the launch of Impact Accelerators

All over the world, organisations are seeking rapid ways to upskill manager capability. Sometimes what’s needed is a unique, multi-modular learning solution. Other times, it’s a short, sharp development offering. Often, it’s a mix of both.  

In response, we have used our 43 years’ experience of delivering award-winning solutions to create three short, experiential learning workshops. They can be deployed simply, flexibly, and cost-effectively.  

What are Impact Accelerators?  

  • These carefully curated half-day, one-day, and two-day workshops can be delivered both virtually and face-to-face. 
  • They are designed for organisations looking to motivate and retain their people, whilst addressing critical leadership training needs. 
  • Just like the Impact learning journeys that you know and love, these bitesize workshops have an equally unforgettable experiential style and expert, in-the-moment facilitation.  

Organisations already leveraging Impact’s Accelerator workshops have experienced benefits including increased retention, employee engagement and the ability to successfully lead through our changing business environment. 

The Challenge

High-performing teams are the foundation of business success. And in challenging and uncertain market conditions, when time is limited and resources are scarce, developing strong, cohesive teams that can innovate and deliver business results is critical. This is especially so for front-line functions, such as sales and customer service.   

Our Response

Impact have developed teams and team leaders from every sector and industry. It’s how we started and it’s part of our DNA. Our Team Performance Model and Team Performance Inventory diagnostic provide the roadmap for this work.   

Toyota testimonial

"The team was somewhat divided and the challenge was to weave the old and the new employees together into a really harmonious culture. We are getting value for money and by staying with Impact we will accelerate the team to the next level.” 

The Challenge

In today’s competitive business environment, organisations need to retain and develop their talent. It is well recognised that in times of market uncertainty, high performers can become disengaged, disempowered, and disenfranchised. They are also the most mobile, so will look to and be welcomed by your competitors. But just keeping your talent is not enough. They need to be coached and mentored to ensure they have the mindset and motivation to perform at their best.  

Our Response

Impact are experts at designing and delivering coaching programmes, and we understand how to help leaders develop the skills and confidence to coach their teams. We create self-sustaining coaching cultures, enabling significant improvements in innovation, motivation, and bottom-line results.  

BAI Communications Testimonial 

"We engaged Impact to build an environment where courageous conversations can occur... to improve our leaderships skills and to create a common framework and language within the business.” 

The Challenge

For many organisations, the last few years have been a fight for survival. And most of us still find ourselves trying to do more with less. But amidst increasingly challenging and uncertain market conditions, it is the human-centred organisations that will succeed. The future we face requires leaders with highly developed empathy, listening, and relationship building skills; it requires organisations who can put people at the heart of everything they do, and liberate their human potential.  

Our Response

The explosion in wellbeing and resilience workshops are testament to this need, but at Impact we believe in going further. The focus of this workshop is to provide the resources that enable people not just to survive, but to thrive and grow in challenging times.   

Sony Testimonial 

"The workshop had a true impact in the formation of our global Sales and Marketing team. The clarity of concepts and tools being used were remarkably simple and effective. No endless theoretical slides, but hands on group and individual work facilitated by very passionate and professional consultants. I recommend you try it yourself!"