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Change Management

Successful change management is all about learning – people learning to work differently or to do different work.

What is change management?

Before you can see what we can do for you here at Impact, it’s important to understand what change management is.

Organisations often undertake projects or initiatives in a bid to improve their performance or when they require changes to processes. However, it’s your employees that will realistically feel the change. Sometimes, you’ll notice resistance to change and this is when your initiative will ultimately fail.

Change management is the tool we use to prepare and support people, allowing them to successfully adapt to change. There are three levels of change management:

Individual change management, organisational change management, enterprise change management capability 

Isn’t any change management strategy a people development strategy?

According to several studies up to two thirds of change management efforts fail. Time and money is wasted and the opportunities driving the change management agenda are lost. Something about how we do change management needs to change.

We work with clients to help them to make two profound changes to the way change management works.

First, we seek to involve everyone effected become part of the process of designing and implementing the change; we believe widening participation and engaging all levels in owning the process of change radically transforms the chances of success. This isn’t easy to do which is why organisations need help.

Second, we shift the language of change from knowing to learning. The more complex and significant the change management agenda the more we need to focus on learning.  The outcome of all change management activity is, in the end, people having learned to do work differently or to do different work. Put simply, no learning no change.


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