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Management Off-site

Coniferous forest by the water




各部門の部長、現場メンバーも含めた、現状把握のための社内のヒアリングを実施した結果、1.新しいことにチャレンジせず、波風を立てずに現状維持を望む考えが広まっている 2.階層化された組織の中で、コミュニケーション不全が進行しているのに気づいていない 3.部長を含め、誰も自分で考えて、自ら行動を起こすことをしていない ということが浮き彫りになった。これら組織としての問題点に大きな影響を及ぼしている部長間の信頼関係をまずは構築し、体験を通して自ら、組織課題に気づくしかけが求められていた。






Colin Kirk
Country Director, DFID Rwanda
Department for International Development
“Everyone in the office is now aware that he or she has some input which is important to DFID and which can contribute to the reduction of poverty in Rwanda.”
Natasha Hepburn
Director of Technology Leadership Development
"Due to the ever-changing technology environment, the programme has continued to evolve over the past decade. TSLP is able to adapt to the current talent needs of the organisation in a deliberate and timely manner. Remaining flexible as the industry changes, keeping alumni involved to mentor and advocate for current participants and tracking progress in measurable and actionable ways are aspects of the programme that continue to establish a track record of success."
Dennis Van Schie
Head of Global Sales
"The workshop had a true impact in the formation of our global Sales and Marketing team. The clarity of concepts and tools being used were remarkably simple and effective. No endless theoretical slides, but hands on group and individual work facilitated by very passionate and professional consultants. It will make us Go the Distance and I recommend you to try it yourself!”