Senior Management Faculty Development Programmes

Developing the leadership capability of the management board


Driven by a huge change agenda and the merging of various organisations within Wales, the HR team set about tendering for work with the management board, for a Senior Management Development Programme and a Core Programme. Impact was successful in all three of these tenders.


Impact consultants worked to develop the leadership capability of the management board.


Impact helped to devise a 360-degree feedback tool, based around the Professional Skills for Government Competency Framework, which is being used with Senior Civil Servants across WAG. With feedback and coaching, this has helped them to shape a new culture, strategic direction and a set of group behaviours.


“My experience of Impact has been so positive that I have introduced them to other organisations They have a tremendous ability to adapt to different cultures and to quickly win the trust and respect of people at all levels.” - Bernard Galton, HR Director, Welsh Assembly Government