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Emerging leaders programme at Scottish Power

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ScottishPower is ambitious for the future and that future demands great leadership. Working in partnership, we have developed an integrated development programme for future leaders in a rapidly changing business.

ScottishPower is looking to develop tomorrow’s leaders through:

  • Courageous leadership providing meaning, structure and value that can create a sustainable future.
  • A thorough understanding of business strategy and the challenges of the utility market including renewable energy sources.
  • Understanding personal strengths and emotional intelligence.

Impact and ScottishPower have worked in partnership to design an innovative and highly interactive leadership journey. The programme combines individual coaching with powerful experiential development, business speakers and a sophisticated business simulation.

Some supporting mechanisms have been put in place.

  • Impact carried out a significant period of cultural immersion in the business.
  • Individuals receive ongoing executive coaching.
  • A selection of personal challenges tailored to each individual.
  • A steering group consisting of key stakeholders.
  • A supporting web portal.

"Our leadership journey for emerging leaders has only recently started, but the response from the first modules has been overwhelmingly positive. The shift from learning from a purely theoretical perspective into action has been a welcome if challenging one for participants. The Impact facilitators have assisted the groups to share and feedback information to assist their learning in a positive and constructive way." 

Deirdre Macdonald/ Pamela Malkin, Programme Managers

See what our customers say about us
Paul Lloyd
Group Head of Learning, Competence and Talent
"Our Future Leaders Programme aims to make sure that our Leaders & Managers have the kind of leadership skills Cape are going to need in the future. It's all about creating good role models for our people. This programme has helped managers to remove any remaining barriers and to enable our people to be the best that they can be."
Ben Harris
Programme Participant
"Before the programme I was probably what you’d call a classic micro-manager. I now delegate work to my direct reports and am enjoying watching them develop their own styles and strengths supported with my coaching. I am proud of the development I’m seeing in the people around me now that I’m letting them expand their capabilities and helping them achieve their full potential."
Kevin Wright
Shell Sales Excellence EMEA
"The business value created by Impact was immediate. This experience was a highly effective catalyst to generating superior performance both as individuals and as a team. It gave us the foundation to build connection and mutual endeavour, which we have now encapsulated in our ways of working. We recognise that this is the start of our journey to becoming a high performing team with visible success and recognition driving real commitment at all levels. A highly motivating and rewarding experience."