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Coaching for success at SBS

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Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is a multilingual and multicultural broadcaster in Australia. In response to an SBS employee opinion survey, a key goal was identified to create and implement a framework for all employees that would enable and recognise work performance and career development.

Impact Australia were chosen to work in partnership with SBS’ human resources team to design and deliver a coaching for success programme.

The coaching for success programme was a practical two-day event closely aligned to SBS core values.

The programme introduced effective techniques and tools that participants could apply immediately to everyday coaching conversations with their teams.

The programme included:

  • Opportunities to coach and be coached on real business issues and receiving feedback to develop personal effectiveness 
  • Building supervisors and manager’s confidence, willingness and motivation to have conversations with their staff on a more regular basis
  • Creating a coaching culture, common language and a level of consistency for conversations across the organisation.

Coaching for success effectively created a coaching culture, common language and a level of consistency for conversations across the organisation. The programme has been rolled out to over 140 supervisors and managers to use with their teams.

See what our customers say about us
Dirk Anthony
Director Audio and Language Content
"An overall culture change was needed to ensure that the leadership development solution offered by Impact, gained traction beyond the training days. Management behaviour change is critical to ensuring we are able to retain the right skill base to deliver new services in a rapidly changing media world. Coaching for Success, and its aligned leadership expectations are critical to
improving our managers, therefore our talent and then our service to audiences."
"Coaching for Success can help build the organisation dynamics as well as the manager’s skills to improve team performance by using GROW and PRO techniques."
Dale Gunstone
Senior Executive Coach
"It has been a pleasure working with such a dynamic organisation who have brought my vision of this intricate programme for our organisation to life. To create something so unique to span our three levels of leadership, whilst keeping them together as one, has been a challenging but rewarding journey that has helped to drive our values, culture and business approach for the future."