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Team development at Partesa

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Partesa is part of the Heineken Group. They provide sales, distribution, consultation and training services to the food and beverages sector in Italy.

Partesa wanted to create a document that clearly described their credit policy and procedures. The document needed to be used by the entire sales team to ensure consistency of approach.

Partesa wanted their team of 60 Sales and Credit Managers to join together to:

  • Design and produce a standardised credit policy document
  • Share best practice cross-functionally and maximise buy-in to the process
  • Define an action plan to introduce and implement the use of the document throughout the organisation.

Successful completion of the credit policy document required key topics including an introduction, technical glossary and guidelines for use, both internally and externally.

Impact Italia and their partner company Corus designed a two-day workshop that would allow the team to work together to create one document to be used by their Sales and Credit Managers.

Impact and Corus split the 60 managers into small groups, then facilitated a series of sessions in which each group brainstormed ideas and created content before reviewing and testing their results. These results were then presented across the groups and feedback shared. This process was closely managed to allow each Sales and Credit Manager to work on a specific stage of one topic before moving on to another area. This group rotation successfully allowed each manager to work on multiple topics, sharing their opinions and expectations.

Partesa now have an official credit policy document that clearly communicates a common action plan and implementation process to their entire workforce. The Sales and Credit Managers were fully engaged in the process and subsequently produced a document of the highest quality for their organisation.

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Anna Rossetti
Training and Development Manager
"The workshop was a great training and team building experience for all of us, underlining the role and impact we all have on our credit policy. Impact facilitation helped us to find the right methodology to share key messages and work effectively together. It wasn’t easy bringing 60 people – including the CEO, Finance Director and HR team together, but Impact facilitated the different groups, and brought together our experiences and ensured everyone was involved."