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Senior management programme at Thales

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Team Development


With operations in 50 countries and 68,000 employees, Thales is a global technology leader for the aerospace, space, defence, security and transportation markets. Impact have run the team building module in partnership with the Thales Université SMP programme since 2002.

During the nine-month programme, the SMP participants are tasked with managing a real business project. Team working, intercultural awareness, communication skills and networking opportunities are all covered in the programme.

Impact designed an interactive programme that uses experiential projects to highlight the value of collaboration and sharing. Expertly facilitated review sessions encourage opportunity for open dialogue about effective team working.

Impact's work in close partnership with Thales Université, and our ongoing dialogue and strong relationship results in a consistently relevant and fresh event. The participants enjoy getting to know one another socially and value Impact’s support to establish an effective project team relationship.

See what our customers say about us
Lynne Atkin
HR Director
"The success of the Emerging Leaders Programme has exceeded my expectations. The content is relevant, the selection process is rigorous - and it delivers. We are seeing a clear increase in leadership capability within this talent population. This is now coming to fruition as we see more and more individuals who attend the programme going on to take on more demanding roles - be that within their current level or to more senior roles. The programme is recognised by our Executive Team as talent enabler."
Justyna Jedlińska
Employee Development Manager
“The programme has been tailored the way that we were able to check its effectiveness.
The results of the review confirmed that the number of managers who present strategic and developing styles increased by over 20%. Moreover, the programme had a very positive impact on the inter-departmental / cross-functional cooperation, which is very important in such a large and diverse company as Polpharma."
Severn Trent Water
"The Impact facilitators were very good, they knew their stuff and were approachable and friendly. The STW facilitator was able to relate the tasks to my day job."