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A 12 hour virtual immersion at Morgan Advanced Materials

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Preparing to launch the next phase of their strategic development, the executive team at Morgan Advanced Materials were faced with the challenge of getting their 96 senior leaders together to engage in it – without being able to travel.

Morgan decided to partner with Impact to create a virtual event that would engage the senior leader population in the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of the Morgan 2030 ambition and priorities for the next three years. By participating in the event, not only would senior leaders engage in and understand the new strategic priorities, but they would also learn how to communicate and discuss them with their teams.

In addition, the event intended to showcase to senior leaders the variety and power of virtual learning, and the potential it has to transform people and organisations in innovative new ways.

The executive team identified the following objectives for the event:

  • Engage senior leaders in the high- level ‘why’ and ‘what’ of the next phase of the Morgan 2030 strategic priorities.
  • Generate a buzz and a level of excitement for the new priorities with an immersive and fun virtual experience.
  • Empower leaders to create longer- lasting networking relationships through shared experience.
  • Provide leaders with the time and space for them to explore what the priorities mean to them.

On the event day, 96 senior leaders from around the world took part in the learning journey in staggered groups. Every hour a group of eight started their event, working through the range of sessions together. In total, this came to 168 live sessions in one day.

The event combined the perfect blend of innovative but accessible virtual platforms, tools and experiences. A facilitated welcome session introduced the participants to the experience, to their peers, and to the learning mindset.

Exec sessions then allowed each exec member to focus on one aspect of the content, bringing it to life through questions and stories. Discovery sessions built on this by providing provocative individual and group experiences that encouraged participants to engage, problem-solve and reflect.

These sessions were interspersed with regular interactive check ins, encouraging participants to discuss their progress, reflect on their action plan, and capture their learning. Similarly, cohort connections enabled participants to share their thoughts with others through live polls, an interactive whiteboard, a Twitter style feed, and a live lounge space.

91% of participants feel highly engaged with Morgan’s ambitions and commitments for the next three years.

94% are highly optimistic about Morgan’s future.

95% are now highly focused and clear about Morgan’s ambitions and commitments for the next three years.

“The technology used in this call was amazing! Very well organised!”

“Highly impressive experience.”

“Well organised and extremely powerful.”

"This has been a very interesting experience for me. We have learnt to do things in innovative ways and it has brought us a new perspective and experience.”


See what our customers say about us
Jaap de Vries
Vice President, HR
“To develop senior middle managers into real leaders requires a journey which takes them out of their personal comfort zone to unleash their potential. At Borealis we are convinced that the return on this investment is contributing to our successful achievement of strategy.”
Ian Robb
"Today’s session was absolutely fantastic and I got a lot out of it. It was a great group of people in one room, talking about issues that affect all of us, and connecting people... I feel a lot more inspired by the work that I’m involved in. I believe we can get to net-zero together."
Morgan Advanced Materials
“The programme is unlike any other I have participated in. Real time, real life – it is very powerful.”