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Inspiration and connection through COVID at Lendlease

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Springboard is Lendlease Foundation’s flagship program focused on sustainability. The program focuses on how living in balance with ourselves, our workplace and our natural environment can not only benefit our wellbeing but also create a network of like-minded people around the globe who are committed to effecting change.

With the postponement of the 2020 programs due to COVID-19, we decided to continue the momentum virtually with a focus on community connection.

We adapted Springboard to focus on creating meaningful ways to engage with and support our community partners on the Capricorn Coast. Lendlease employees and the Capricorn Coast Community have taken part in a number of combined activities and workshops, having meaningful discussions to inspire hope and a sense of belonging.

The opportunity provides a significant positive impact for Lendlease, our employees, the community and the partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, to help make a difference and leave a tangible legacy.

The Community Connection program has the following objectives:

  • Continue to provide a real positive connection between Lendlease delegates and the Capricorn Coast Community
  • Build resilience & capacity in the community and Lendlease employees
  • Be an example of ‘Living with purpose and inspiring through hope’
  • Offer powerful virtual experiential learning opportunities with real activities and consequences
  • Pave the way forward for future Springboard programs

The virtual learning journey was designed for Springboard alumni and future delegates to have meaningful human connection with the community. We worked in small groups to help build the resilience, capacity and rapport to help each other navigate the complexity and uncertainty of Covid-19.

Impact’s Team Performance Model provided participants with a powerful backdrop to the program and identifies six key domains critical to sustaining performance and helping people, teams and organisations reach their purpose and goals.

Participants also completed Impact’s VUCAQ© Online Questionnaire, a situational agility index that explores their individual mindsets and approach . to change.

Relationship building formed a key part of the program, with Lendlease delegates working alongside local community groups building on each others' ideas to create robust solutions and initiate powerful change to people, planet and community. This included the Livingstone Shire Council, Fitzroy Basin Association, High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

The outcomes achieved were more then we could ever have imagined in these uncertain times.

The feedback from Lendlease employees and the Capricorn Coast Community Partners highlighted the importance of human connection, hope and sense of community that was created through this fully virtual program.

The Community Connection program supported mental health through its learning content, as well as making links to the Lendlease Sustainability Imperatives and the Sustainable Development Goals.

96 NPS

NPS based on post program surveys – Total respondents: 48 Lendlease participants surveyed

“Lendlease continues to amaze me and the delegates that we engage with are wonderful human beings, bringing their diversity, dedication and overall niceness to play in our virtual Springboard sessions”

Trish Weir,

Manager Customer Engagement: Liveability and Wellbeing, Livingstone Shire Council



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Trish Weir
Manager Customer Engagement: Liveability and Wellbeing, Livingstone Shire Council
“Lendlease continues to amaze me and the delegates that we engage with are wonderful human beings, bringing their diversity, dedication and overall niceness to play in our virtual Springboard sessions.”
Cate Harris
Group Head of Sustainability & Global Head of Lendlease Foundation
“People always talk about the ‘Magic of Springboard’… I am so pleased to hear that even in a virtual format, during this most unusual of times that it’s still working its magic.”
Karen van Loon
Springboard Program Manager, Lendlease Foundation
“Our goal to maintain our connection and build on the great work that we had done has been achieved. The positive impact for Lendlease, our employees and our community partners has made a difference and left a tangible legacy for many of us”