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Living with purpose, inspiring through hope at Lendlease

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Springboard is Lendlease Foundation’s flagship program focused on sustainability. The program focuses on how living in balance with ourselves, our workplace and our natural environment can not only benefit our wellbeing but also create a network of like-minded people around the globe who are committed to effecting change.

This program enables employees to make progress towards the Lendlease Sustainability Focus Areas within the broader remit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Running over 12 months, the program incorporates an innovative five-day

residential component that gives employees from around the world the opportunity to engage with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation

and local indigenous communities, and to partner with the local community on projects designed to leave a tangible legacy.

Past Springboard programs have generated over $20 million in social and economic outcomes for Lendlease employees, local community volunteers and businesses. Every Springboard delegate returns home as an agent of change, initiating sustainability experiments and inspiring others.

The Springboard program has the following objectives:

  • To inspire each delegate to make a personal commitment towards creating a more sustainable world.
  • To support community partners’ sustainable development by building their skills, knowledge and confidence.
  • To leave a positive legacy in a community.
  • To provide delegates with the skills to navigate complex problems and make progress on their goals.
  • To offer powerful experiential learning opportunities with real activities and consequences.

The journey begins with five days in the Capricorn Coast region. Focusing on the Great Barrier Reef as an example of a complex set of problems, delegates learn from subject matter experts, traditional landowners, and other members of the community, enabling an appreciation of the viewpoints of the various stakeholders.

Impact’s Breakthrough Behaviours Model offers delegates a guide to the mindsets and behaviours that empower individuals to transform into mindful agents of change.

Community Action Learning forms a key part of the program, with delegates working on environmental and economic projects with local and indigenous groups. These include the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Livingstone Shire Council, Fitzroy Basin Association, Yeppoon State High School and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

Delegates are exposed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and through learning and reflection, commit to actions, practices and experiments that fit within the areas most relevant to them.

Post-program, the Springboard Summit offers alumni the opportunity to share their progress and report back on their SDG commitments.

Alumni end the program as a network of mindful agents, supporting Lendlease’s sustainability goals globally and providing the skills to solve the complex problems that affect people, the planet and community.

  • 98% The program had a moderate to maximum effect on inspiring participants to act more sustainably when returning home.
  • 97% The program had a moderate to a maximum positive effect on how participants personally invest in the wellbeing of people
  • 100% The program had a moderate to a maximum positive effect on how participants personally invest in the wellbeing of the planet
  • 98% The program had a moderate to maximum positive effect on participants personally investing in the wellbeing of communities

Statistics based on survey results from post-program research report FY2020. Total respondents = 81. Percentages rounded down to the nearest whole percentage

“An insightful and empowering experience – invaluable in learning how to live and promote sustainability. An excellent way to connect with your colleagues, local community and yourself; it’s a platform to help understand how you can make your best impact on the world.”

Springboard participant


See what our customers say about us
Trish Weir
Manager Customer Engagement: Liveability and Wellbeing, Livingstone Shire Council
“Lendlease continues to amaze me and the delegates that we engage with are wonderful human beings, bringing their diversity, dedication and overall niceness to play in our virtual Springboard sessions.”
Cate Harris
Group Head of Sustainability & Global Head of Lendlease Foundation
“People always talk about the ‘Magic of Springboard’… I am so pleased to hear that even in a virtual format, during this most unusual of times that it’s still working its magic.”
Karen van Loon
Springboard Program Manager, Lendlease Foundation
“Our goal to maintain our connection and build on the great work that we had done has been achieved. The positive impact for Lendlease, our employees and our community partners has made a difference and left a tangible legacy for many of us”