Diversity and Inclusion at The Insolvency Service

Developing the confidence, behaviours and skills needed to manage diverse teams


The Insolvency Service is an executive agency of the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform. They deal with insolvency matters in England & Wales. Impact worked with the organisation to create a culture that embraces diversity.


The Insolvency Service is a committed equal opportunities employer and has a workforce whose diversity reflects this commitment. The Service wanted a solution that would support managers to develop the confidence, behaviours and skills needed to manage diverse teams.


Impact’s solution was based on our innovative approach to diversity as a performance issue. Impact believes diverse teams are the key to successful 21st century organisations. For organisations to recruit and retain the most talented people they need to have management structures and a culture that values and embraces diversity.


The programme has been universally well received, giving participants the confidence to manage all their staff and to deal with challenging issues that arise.