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Virtual leadership development at Forvia



Covid-19 transformed the world and and challenged everyone's working lives. Forvia Faurecia needed to support its leaders in navigating through and beyond the crisis, being able to face disruption and outline transformation opportunities at the same time. They chose to partner with Impact having collaborated on global award-winning leadership development solutions since 2016.

DRIVE SWITCH is a five-week virtual experiential learning journey that provides managers with the tools to lead through crisis, cultivate a growth mindset, and ultimately support Forvia people to thrive despite the disruption.

With f2f development postponed until 2021, the objective was to be able to deliver learning quickly to a target of 5000 people across the world, providing them with effective support and insights.

airTM enables remote engagement with global participants and creation of sustainable learning communities. It provides the agility to react to new world and business challenges,

ensuring the journey is truly relevant to the participants’ reality.

In late 2019 the world saw the emergence of Covid-19, which led to the most disruptive and uncertain time many of us have witnessed. Overnight, lives were transformed and people around the world were suddenly living and breathing the definition of a VUCA world. Social distancing and government lockdowns changed work and learning – for many the move towards a virtual world was swift and comprehensive.

As the world became increasingly uncertain, Forvia needed to become even more agile. For Forvia leaders Covid-19 meant organisational & business objectives changed. The focus shifted towards supporting people, encouraging wellbeing, working remotely and cultivating a growth mindset.

Forvia recognised that in order to quickly meet the needs of their employees they needed to upskill leaders and to create a dedicated reflection space for thoughts, ideas and questions, to be able to identify new habits & behaviors.

DRIVE SWITCH is a uniquely customised people development solution to embed new behaviours and skills, expand support networks and to provide a companion through change. The solution replaces the ‘classroom’ with a ‘companion’, supporting teams and their members.

Deprived of in-person training, yet facing a tremendous need for leadership development and agility, an innovative solution was needed. DRIVE SWITCH is a five-week virtual journey hosted on Impact’s learning app airTM. The programme was custom-designed to provide the Forvia community with the tools and network to thrive in the face of immediate uncertainty.

Through a blend of interactive large group webinars, small group facilitator-led sessions, bite-size content drops and self-reflection, all interwoven with Impact’s world-renowned experiential methodology, participants are able to flex the learning journey to their individual needs and to make it practical in their daily working life.

Throughout the five weeks participants:

  • Develop their awareness of the leadership they provide
  • Learn how to adapt leadership to times of disruption
  • Develop influencing, engaging and remote communication skills
  • Create new and sustainable habits that enable working and leading effectively under pressure
  • Develop a supportive peer network with the phycological safety needed to share challenges

All of Forvia's leadership development pivoted to virtual within the first two months of the pandemic, immediately providing development solutions for more than 500 leaders.

70% virtual attendance

The programme goes from strength to strength and continues to grow, flex and fulfil business needs. It has had benefits far beyond the immediate need that emerged in April 2020, such as accelerating strategic change and embedding new ways of learning.

4/5 average score for immediate workplace application of learning

The evaluation data gathered indicates direct benefit to Forvia in these difficult months. Anecdotal evidence includes many stories of leaders being able to work in new, agile ways, leading remotely and keeping their teams effective and healthy through the For example, one leader, re-opening a plant in Brazil, said the programme directly enabled him to lead the project in a stronger and more effective way.

Although the solution was an urgent product of a global emergency, its legacy will outlive the virus. It will be deployed across the world

See what our customers say about us
Armelle Savidan
Faurecia University Europe & Global Programs
Forvia Faurecia
“Pivoting our face-to-face leadership development programmes to fully virtual solutions was a quick and effective solution that has supported Faurecia
people all over the world”
David Jestaz
VP Faurecia University
Forvia Faurecia
“Impact’s partnership approach and experiential learning solutions have supported Faurecia people to thrive through an incredibly complex global challenge.”