Findomestic Banca S.p.A. is an Italian credit institute that provide consumer credits for families to be purchased in services and goods for private use. Findomestic promotes  activities to train responsible consumption and correct use of credit instruments into a wider CSR initiative.


Findomestic and Impact have developed in partnership an financial education intervention with ambitious goals and a unique target: to train an ex drug addicted group of the Villa Mariani Community to train also the citizen on the responsible consumer credits topic. It is an innovative way to connect CSR, people engagement and business development.


Impact has developed the “Trainer Training” unconventional journey with the aim to increase communication skills on responsible consumer credits topics. The experience has been marked by a great impact using unique ingredients: continuous feedback, a strong experiential imprinting, in-depth dialogue session and more.  


"The collaboration with Impact has been really positive, the project has been innovative and able to achieve the declared goals. The value of this experience has been fully proved by the parts involved: trained people, citizen and Findomestic. Impact people are really capable to have been able to accept and wind this high ambitious challenge: well done!"

Silvio Di Giorgio, Sviluppo e Coordinamento Brand, Findomestic