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Sustainable innovation at Findomestic

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Findomestic Banca S.p.A. is an Italian credit institute that provides consumer credits for families to be purchased in services and goods for private use. Findomestic promote wide-scale credit education activities to raise awareness of responsible consumption and proper use of credit facilities to the general public as part of a CSR programme.

An innovative corporate social responsibility programme provides incredible results for Findomestic bank and the wider community.

Partnering with a drug rehabilitation centre, Findomestic promote wide- scale credit education activities to raise awareness of responsible consumption and proper use of credit facilities to the general public.

The programme is designed to add value for a multitude of stakeholders.

After years of collaboration, Findomestic and Impact have developed a financial education intervention with an ambitious goal: to train ex-drug addicts to teach as many people as possible about credit for responsible consumption.

The programme partners Findomestic with the Foundation for Therapeutic Community of 'Villa Maraini', a recovery house for drug addiction, which as been involved in rehabilitation for over forty years.

In collaboration with Findomestic and the managers of Villa Maraini, Impact has developed a process of 'train the trainer'. The programme supports a group of ex-drug addicts who develop their transferable skills including communication and presentation techniques, alongside Findomestic employees who share technical skills in responsible credit consumption.

The participants then spend a week organising and inviting a local audience before presenting the financial education content at the event.

The programme is characterised by highly experiential projects, simulations, and feedback exercises that maximise the strengths of each participant.

The project focuses first on improving knowledge of credit for responsible consumption, then developing participants' skills in preparing a strong presentation and conveying it effectively to a real audience. For many of the participants this is a valuable opportunity to learn new skills, build self-confidence and gain a strong sense of responsibility.

Over 180 people from the local community have participated in this hugely successful programme, learning about responsible consumption facilitated by the ex-addicts.

Due to the excellent success of the programme, Findomestic has made a significant donation to Villa Maraini that has proved essential to the community continuation. In addition, the participants promoted awareness of Villa Maraini, its activities, services and benefit in the community. Enthused by the results, Villa Maraini and Findomestic have formed a solid partnership in order to replicate the programme.

As well as the business benefits of the programme for Findomestic and Villa Maraini, many of the participants themselves have had a life-changing experience. They have developed many personal skills by getting involved with: public speaking, teamwork, emotion management and providing guidance and support to others.

See what our customers say about us
Silvio Di Giorgio
Brand Development an Co-ordination
“Collaborating with impact was a very positive experience resulting in creating an innovative project that has responded to our objective: give value back to all stakeholders. The CSR, philanthropy support model has excelled, providing commitment and results. This experience has been valuable to both the people involved and trained by Impact, both by the citizens who participated and within Findomestic. The genius people at Impact have managed to accept and win a highly ambitious challenge!”
Mirella Maffei
Strategy and Innovation Officer
“An intense, engaging journey with a highly generative impact"
Geraldine Dolan
Programme participant
"I took a huge learning out of the day, not only what we can do for the environment, but also that we have huge talents. I felt energised, inspired, exhausted and very happy. I’m so pleased that the Global Travel Middle East team has this power of making a difference in the community in our strategy and I can’t wait to do more.”