This Cyber Security Outdoor Development Programme is a custom-designed three-day residential learning journey for Cyber Security emerging talent from Energus. Brilliant results demonstrate the programmes’ powerful developmental effects.


Energus partnered with Impact to develop a network of cyber security personnel with the capabilities and confidence to be socially mobile, display sophisticated behavioural skills and show up as the best version of themselves in their varied work environments, enabling them to work as highly effective teams, communities and businesses.


The solution is a three-day development programme in the heart of the English Lake District – a powerful, meaningful, memorable learning experience in the outdoors, allowing participants to work at the edge of their comfort zone and develop the agility needed for VUCA environments. The experience develops skills and behaviours, supercharges peer networking opportunities, supports participants’ awareness and advancement of personal values and change mindsets.


Brilliant results demonstrate the programme's powerful developmental effects:

95% of participants agreed that they had gained useful insights and learning.

94% of participants believe that they will be able to apply what they have learnt at work.