EMC is the market leader in data and information management solutions. Impact Italia's work with EMC to develop 'Leaders for the Future' consisted of a succession plan development programme, after which 20% of the participants achieved a top management position within six months.


Impact Italia has designed and delivered a succession plan development programme addressed to the first managerial lines with the aim to:

  • Enhance the ability to act as an integrated and coordinated top team
  • Develop strong business mind-set, entrepreneurial spirit and the company identity feeling: ‘EMC is my own company’
  • Maintain high levels of personal enthusiasm, motivation and self engagement

Impact has worked in partnership with both the HR and the management team to identify a set of leadership behaviours able to make the difference. We have created the programme “Leaders for the future” that has involved  the following leadership dimensions: LEADING SELF to promote self-awareness, LEADING TEAMS to strengthen team management abilities and LEADING BUSINESS to develop strategic vision.


"For us, the first important result is that 20% of the programme participants has achieved a top management position within six months. Furthermore, all participants have developed a new cooperative way of working, thus helping the company to overcome interdepartmental barriers.’"

Nicola Pozzati, HR Director