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Developing managers at EMC

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EMC is the market leader in data and information management solutions. Impact Italia's work with EMC to develop 'Leaders for the Future' consisted of a succession plan development programme, after which 20% of the participants achieved a top management position within six months.

EMC had undergone a large organisational change process involving the recruitment of key talent from outside their company. 

With a new structure in place, EMC wanted to secure their ‘Succession Plan’ with a talent development programme for their top managers.

Impact Italia were asked to design and deliver a programme for this talent pool that would engage new and old employees, leverage internal knowledge and drive the business forward. Acting as a shadow team to the existing board the participants must:

  • Develop the ability to act as an integrated and coordinated top team.
  • Develop a strong business mind-set coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Maintain high levels of personal enthusiasm, motivation and self-engagement.

Impact worked with key stakeholders throughout the process; initially working in close relation with the HR Director and the Board to establish a set of expected leadership behaviours that are required to be an effective member of the Italian Board Team.

The behavioural skills identified formed the design and delivery methods of Impact’s eight-month programme that included:

1. Modules focusing on specific leadership behaviours:

  • Leading Self: An experiential development centre to promote self-awareness.
  • Leading Teams: Through live and deferred group activities.
  • Leading Business: Through a highly challenging and strategic business assignment facilitated by Impact.

2. Inputs, methodologies and stretch development experiences designed to help participants operate outside of their comfort zone, all supported by team and individual coaching sessions

3. Continuous involvement, challenge and engagement from EMC Senior Managers’ to support the programme’s visibility and credibility. 


“For us, the first important result is that 20% of the programme participants had achieved a Top Management position within six months. Furthermore all participants have developed a new cooperative way of working thus helping the company to overcome interdepartmental barriers. We really appreciate Impact’s flexibility as well as their ability to manage a complex programme following both individual and organisational needs.”

Nicola Pozatti, HR Director, EMC

See what our customers say about us
Stephen Mason
Group Finance Director
"I am writing to say a big thank you for taking the time to give your excellent presentation to HCT’s chief officers. The succinct analysis that you produced of HCT and the challenges of its management team has given us some clear pointers and has focused thought processes. Our Chief Executive, declared the experience ‘Excellent!’.”
Agnieszka Nowak
Talent Manager
“Talent management is a long and exciting road and we are pleased that our partner on the first phase of this journey was Impact. As I am responsible for talent management at Atos Poland, our management workshop was of the greatest value to me, as during this we successfully redirected our leaders to thinking that talent management is not only a HR process, identifying and developing talent benefits the business, managers and the individual.”
"A very good initiative for ambitious people who want to develop. The programme allows you to get to know yourself and determine the directions of development, i.e. what should be planned as a next step in development."