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Creating inclusivity through leadership action

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Diversity in the Workplace


Play Proud is a leadership, network and coach-centred training programme developed by Common Goal. It aims to promote inclusion and safe spaces for  LGBTQ+ youth and adults, enabling them to be themselves on and off the pitch.

  • Create LGBTQ+ curricula and policies that can be used by organisation leaders and coaches to make programmes, organisations, and ultimately, communities more inclusive.
  • Build capacity of grassroots organisations to be able to incorporate the methodology into their programmes through training the first generation of Play Proud coaches.
  • Roll out a Play Proud Playbook to guide organisations’ facilitation of open and safe football programmes, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. 
  • Develop a strong network of Play Proud coaches who can exchange ideas and promote collaboration.

The programme focuses on empowering organisation leaders and sports coaches through activities covering leadership skills and tools, coaching inclusion methodologies, influencing change, and knowledge acquisition on discrimination towards LGBTQ+ communities. It equips participants with a Play Proud toolkit, empowering them to create inclusivity through leadership action.

Participants also design and implement local action learning projects designed to increase inclusivity and be a catalyst for concrete change.

  • 22 organisations engaged in 8 countries. 
  • 406,950 youth indirectly impacted by Play Proud programming. 
  • 100% completion rate.
  • 100% of participants feel they are more knowledgeable about gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • 100% of participants feel they are more knowledgeable about the challenges that the LGBTQ+ community face in sport.
See what our customers say about us
Christopher Williams
Strategic Content Manager
“I see real benefits in terms of the operational efficiency of the business. We’ve had loads of really good examples where people have either driven forward existing projects or new projects.”
Brian Thompson
Senior Nutrition Officer for AGN, Effective Leadership Programme Partnership
“There is now recognition that ‘you can learn’ to lead because leadership is about what you do. It is not about being born a special kind of person. Leadership is a kind of action, and since it happens between people, it is about communication. We all need to get connected, develop an awareness of what is happening around us and how we can affect it."
Matthias Kanold
Head of Leadership & Team Development
"Impact has really inspired and challenged us to think in new ways when co-creating this virtual action camp – we believe this to be a way of future- proofing both what and how we learn."