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About is a leading provider of B2B and B2C services to the online gaming and sports betting markets. Impact developed a series of multi-level programmes to equip leaders of this growing industry.

Online gaming is a growing industry, constantly demanding new business models and new ways of thinking. wanted a leadership programme that would support business leaders at all levels within their organisation who are facing these challenges on a daily basis.

Leading for Real is a multi-level, multi- modular series of programmes, designed to develop the leadership behaviours of current and future leaders within

Each stage of the programme is designed to challenge and empower the participants, whilst enhancing and embracing the values and culture within Each programme brings together participants from different offices, to build networks and sharing of best practice.

The programme has three stages aimed at junior, middle and senior leaders: Achieve, Engage and Inspire.

Achieve is designed to help new leaders to develop their team management and project management capability. A blend of experiential projects and facilitated review sessions allows participants to challenge their thinking and explore the effect of their behaviour.

Engage allows middle managers the opportunity to reflect on how they are developing as a leader. The programme explores different leadership styles, tools and techniques including coaching, managing performance and working effectively in a global environment.

Inspire is an intensive programme for senior leaders that looks closely at their personal leadership and its implications for performance within the business including key elements around bravery, empowerment and innovation.

Since the programme is multi modular, there is the opportunity for individuals to progress through the journey as they move through the organisation.

"It has been a pleasure working with such a dynamic organisation who have brought my vision of this intricate programme for our organisation to life. To create something so unique to span our three levels of leadership, whilst keeping them together as one, has been a challenging but rewarding journey that has helped to drive our values, culture and business approach for the future."

Dale Gunstone, Senior Executive Coach,


"I was quite sceptical about the merits of a programme like this so approached it with some reservations. However, right from the start I enjoyed the whole experience. It was challenging mentally, physically and emotionally and I found I was stretched in every direction. As a result, I learned a lot about myself but also about my colleagues, most of whom I was meeting for the first time."

Peter Reynolds, Director, Communications,

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Malgorzata Bartler
HR Director
"Over our three year collaboration with Impact, the Challenger and Play for Future Academy programmes have enabled employees to introduce PLAY to the next level of business development. From our start-up phase we have moved on to growing the business, but have kept our focus on development, innovation and efficiency of both the organisation and our costs. Thanks to the development of key competencies, our managers are able to build and implement strategy with great understanding."
Cathleen Merkel
HR Director
Discovery Networks International
"When they finished, I had a different bunch of people in front of me. There was a real sense of connection, a real sense of belonging; there was an incredible amount of ownership, and I get goosebumps just talking about it."
"Very close-knit, active and competent facilitators. I was surprised many times by the kind of tasks I had to deal with, the way they were implemented, and the creativity that I had to show."