bwin.party is a leading provider of B2B and B2C services to the online gaming and sports betting markets. Impact developed a series of multi-level programmes to equip leaders of this growing industry.


Online gaming is a growing industry, constantly demanding new business models and new ways of thinking. bwin.party wanted a leadership programme that would support business leaders at all levels within their organisation who are facing these challenges on a daily basis.


Leading for Real is a multi-level, multi-modular series of programmes, designed to develop the leadership behaviours of current and future leaders within bwin.party.

The programme has three stages aimed at junior, middle and senior leaders: Achieve, Engage and Inspire.

Since the programme is multi modular, there is the opportunity for individuals to progress through the journey as they move through the organisation.


‘It has been a pleasure working with such a dynamic organisation who have brought my vision of this intricate programme for our organisation to life. To create something so unique to span our three levels of leadership, whilst keeping them together as one, has been a challenging but rewarding journey that has helped bwin.party to drive our values, culture and business approach for the future.’ - Dale Gunstone, Senior Executive Coach