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Aligning global & local Talent Management strategies at Atos

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Atos is an international information technology services company. They employ over 74,000 people in 48 countries. Impact Polska worked with Atos to improve their Global Talent Policy and align global and local talent management strategies in Poland.

In 2012 Atos designed a Global Talent Policy that local businesses were required to represent at a regional level in their offices.

This policy focused on five strategic areas:

  1. Talent Identification
  2. Talent Attraction
  3. Talent Development Programmes
  4. On-going Learning
  5. On the job experience

According to the Global Talent Policy the role of HR was to:

  • Implement the policies and processes necessary to guarantee fair management practices
  • Set up initiatives that will ensure employee skills are in line with company strategy
  • Assist managers and employees in constructing their individual development plan.

The challenge for Atos Poland was to:

  • Represent the Global Talent Policy alongside their local business strategy
  • Engage their major stakeholders in the process.

The HR Director and Talent Manager set an ambitious goal to become change agents in developing a pro- talent culture across the Polish organisation. It was clear to them that generating a measurable return on investment from Talent Management would require time and also effective levels of engagement across the entire business.

Atos chose Impact Polska as their business partner, because our approach would help them to create solutions that were strategic and engaging for all key business stakeholders.

Impact and Atos worked closely together to implement the first phase of the Global Talent Policy.

Our main goals were to align a local talent strategy in with the global policy and prepare the management top team, HR change agents, line managers and employees to fulfil their roles in identification of local and global talent. Impact helped Atos Poland to:

  • Prepare a communication about the contents of the Global Talent Policy
  • Conduct two strategic, experiential workshops to engage the management team in creating a local talent strategy
  • Introduce a 70-20-10 development concept
  • Design a talent workshop for line managers
  • Prepare their HR professionals to deliver the talent workshops

Following our first phase of experiential interventions the Talent Management process is now a business priority for the top team in Atos Poland.

As a result of our workshops a local talent policy has been created and the team of HR professionals feel better prepared to take the role of the change agent in the talent management policy implementation. We now plan to design and deliver talent development and engagement initiatives for all employees within Atos Poland.

See what our customers say about us
Agnieszka Nowak
Talent Manager
“Talent management is a long and exciting road and we are pleased that our partner on the first phase of this journey was Impact. As I am responsible for talent management at Atos Poland, our management workshop was of the greatest value to me, as during this we successfully redirected our leaders to thinking that talent management is not only a HR process, identifying and developing talent benefits the business, managers and the individual.”