Atos is an international information technology services company. They employ over 74,000 people in 48 countries. Impact Polska worked with Atos to improve their Global Talent Policy and align global and local talent management strategies in Poland.


A talent management strategy that allows Atos Poland to make Atos’ Global Talent Policy engaging and relevant to their employees at a local business level. Atos chose Impact Polska as their business partner, because our approach would help them to create solutions that were strategic and engaging for all key business stakeholders.


Impact and Atos worked closely together to implement the first phase of the Global Talent Policy. Our main goals were to develop a local talent strategy in alignment with the global policy and prepare all stakeholders to fulfil their roles in identification of local and global talent.


Talent Management in Atos Poland is in its first phase of implementation. Following our initial experiential interventions the process is now a business priority. This process has confirmed that talent management within Atos cannot be approached as a standalone action but will evolve, including strategic solutions and a change management approach.