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Leading hope

Leading hope
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We recently surveyed over 100 senior business leaders from across our global network.

In sharing the analysis and conclusions from this work we hope we can contribute to the wider conversation about where businesses go from here and how their leaders might take them there.

You can find the full survey report. We also asked senior leaders and consultants at Impact to provide their perspective on some of they key trends that emerged from the research. 

Elena Ceriotti, Head of Impact Italia on leading hope and mitigating fear 

Coronavirus is disrupting our world, unleashing uncertainty and causing profound fear.

Despite its value in human protection, fear is commonly thought of as a negative emotion. In turn, courage is often presented as the absence of fear, as the impulse to act in spite of the risks involved, because something bigger and more meaningful than fear is at stake.  
As a CEO, you could pause and ask yourself what purpose is driving your actions, and to what extent this is resonating in the strategy of your company and moving your people. Sharing our fears is at the heart of authentic leadership; it connects CEOs and leaders with their teams and their people.  

If you look at the uncertainty of the future, what scares you? How could you use your fears to make better decisions? Are you ready to share your fears and give your people permission to do the same? Thinking these questions through and acting on them will have powerful consequences, especially if your ambition is to come out from this difficult time with a real culture of innovation.