courageous leadership

Courageous leadership in the eyes of an 11-year-old

Megan Bartlett is the daughter of Impact Australia consultant Greg Bartlett.

At just 11 years old Megan demonstrates that leadership is a special kind of action that begins with us noticing that something is needed and having the courage to act - taking responsibility as a leader for making a positive difference.

Read Megan’s inspiring speech and perhaps ask yourself “How can I make a difference?”

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"I was recently asked to write and speak about how I can make a difference, as part of a school public speaking competition. I wrote this speech for it, and I ended up winning the competition!! It was great to win, but the most important thing for me was to share with people what I believe in when I think about how I can make a difference in the world. I am aged 11, and in year 6 at Frenchs Forest Public School on the Northern Beaches, Sydney. I wanted to share this story in the hope I can inspire others to help and be a leader by doing simple day to day things that can make a difference to the world."

I Can Make A Difference

by Megan Bartlett

Let me tell you a story a story about a little tiny bee!
This little bee works exceptionally hard.
All day long he goes from flower to flower,
hardly stopping to take a rest!
All day he collects nectar to feed his colonies
and carries pollen from flower to flower,
helping them to grow.  
Often the bee doesn’t get appreciated.
Many of us run away from him scared of his sting,
but this little bee just keeps on going.
He is one of the tiniest creatures that I know
but he makes a big difference.

This proves that you can make a difference
no matter how big or small you are, or think you are.

Sometimes I feel very small amongst a very big world.
Wondering how on earth I can make a difference to it.
But I have come to realise that I can make a difference
by doing some simple day-to-day things.

President Obama once said ...
“If one voice can change a room, and a room can change a city,
a city can change a state, and a state can change a nation,
then a nation can change the world”
Are you ready to change the world?
I am!

I would like to be that voice that changes the world,
that voice that inspires others to be great.
I would like to be strong and bold enough
to stand up for what I believe in.     

Every day I try and come to school with a big smile on the outside,
even though sometimes I may not be smiling inside!

I like to be there for others, when they are down, sad, or in need of help.
It’s a small thing I can do to offer my time and attention,
but it makes such a big difference to someone in need.

Being positive and having positive energy and attitude
goes a long way to help everyone around you,
even if they don’t want to be positive themselves in that moment.
Your mood and attitude can be contagious, (not like the flu or chicken pox, but in a good way)
it can rub off on others, so I believe it’s important for me to remain as positive as I can.

We live in a world that is moving so fast and changing
at a quicker pace than any time in history
It’s easy to get so caught up in what’s going on with ourselves
that we forget about what’s going on with others!
In a world that is moving so fast it’s very easy to become selfish
and worry more about how others see us and not about what we can do for others.

I believe the world is in need of more acts of kindness
and more love and respect for one another.

What if the person who I smiled at and said good morning to,
I was the only person they spoke to that day, but that one smile made their day brighter.

What if that person I stood up for and gave the confidence to believe in themselves
could be the person that comes up with a cure for cancer

What if the person who I encouraged and told them how great their science project was went on to design a way to save the oceans from plastic

What if the person I complimented on their voice when I heard them singing to themselves, went on to win the X factor

We don’t always know straight away the effect our actions or words have on someone, but I want to make sure the difference I make is a positive one.

Just like that little bee