frank underwood

What would Frank Underwood do?

Admit it – sometimes we all find ourselves thinking..."what would Frank Underwood do?"

Can you honestly say you've never channeled the evil genius who still rules the House of Cards? Yes, sometimes he goes a little too far and doesn't fit our image of 'responsible leadership' (lies, coercion, nepotism, murder) but is he ALL bad?

To summarize Frank Underwood’s qualities…

  • He understands human frailty (and how to cash in on it)
  • He is willing to make difficult decisions (in his own interest)
  • He is a powerful and results-driven negotiator (willing to resort to extortion)
  • He doesn't sweat the small stuff (like that dog’s death in season one, episode one)
  • He loves his wife (well we thought he did...)

Yes, yes we know all that. And he's just a fictional character. There's no one like that in real life! (Don't name names – but do let us know if we're wrong). But who hasn't, over the months and years, when we've felt ourselves being backed into a corner and can choose to submit or to come out fighting – who can honestly say they haven't thought to themselves, in the privacy of their own head "what would Frank Underwood do?". Please – tell us what you think.

Liz Wilson is a Senior Consultant at Impact UK.