how to avoid burnout

Top tips to avoid burnout

Georgia Wingfield-Hayes is an independent nutrition consultant; she is joining Impact International to provide expertise in health and wellbeing. In the first of a new series, Georgia shares her top tips to avoid burn out.

Your adrenal glands - the little glands that sit on-top of your kidneys - are where stress hormones are produced. Burn out is a symptom of over worked adrenals. If you think you might be suffering burn out then here are my top tips for nurturing your adrenals, and you, back to good health.

Keep well hydrated

Drinking plenty of water helps everything in the body stay in a state of flow: nutrients in to where they are needed, and waste and toxins out. Tiredness is often just a symptom of poor hydration.

Mitigate stress

Adrenal exhaustion is due to the over production of stress hormones. Find ways to cut down on stress - going for a walk in nature, exercising, eat a little dark chocolate, meditating, find someone or something to make you laugh. Even gossiping has been shown to reduce stress!

Go easy on the stimulant

The action of stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, is to increase the production of stress hormones. If you find you can’t function in the morning without coffee and are exhausted by mid-afternoon, it might be time to go cold turkey. Caffeine cold turkey is hard for a couple of weeks, after which your energy levels will re-balance, and you’ll find yourself sharp and awake without that morning coffee!

Take an adrenal support formula

There are many products on the market specifically designed to support healthy adrenal function. Make sure any formula you take contains Pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5, which is excellent at nourishing the adrenals.