dispersed team

Working as part of a dispersed team?

Tally Forsythe, one of our Senior Programme Managers at Impact, shares her top tips on working efficiently as part of a global virtual team. Tally is part of one of Impact's key Client Service Teams and is currently involved in working with Squared, a Google-led initiative in partnership with Impact, the IPA and the wider marketing and advertising industry.

Have a clear goal - for the whole team
A good project plan is only the beginning. You need to engage a team from the very beginning, share your vision and help to create energy and enthusiasm throughout the project.

Communicate efficiently
Make sure every team member is aware of their role, tasks and project objectives. Keeping the team engaged with regular updates (especially a global team that communicates mostly virtually) is vital.

Organisation is key
As a client manager you need to know as much as possible in advance and hold a birds-eye view of the overall project. It's much easier to plan one phone call and cover a clear/concise agenda, rather than make 5 separate calls, which can be confusing. Set clear objectives and timeframes and stick to them.

Embrace change
Change is inevitable, especially when working on a global level with a significantly large team. Make sure everyone is on the same journey. People need to be aware of what the change means to them, so it's always better to communicate this sooner rather than later. Working in a dispersed team is a lot about speed – you just have no time to procrastinate!

Stay positive
This is a very special one for me because I work with many different people with different ways of working and needs. I want to make sure I am keeping the morale up as much as I can and checking in with people regularly. This can be challenging virtually but being in regular contact with your team and client is really important.

Celebrate the successes
Of course some things may go wrong (or not as great as you'd planned them), but make sure you find time to celebrate the successes, especially if you have chance to meet face to face. Keep up the visibility of your achievements and focus on what's gone well!

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