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Social media for L&D

Teddy Todorova is Impact’s Digital Marketing Manager Here she shares her advice on how to use social media to connect with learners and drive engagement. 

In August 2014 the number of global active social media users reached 2.03 billion. With mobile social media use on the rise and Internet growth continuing apace, the future seems to belong to those who understand the value of digital and social media interaction and know how to do it well.

Marketing departments and L&D professionals have very similar challenges – they both want to improve their connection with consumers/learners, drive leads/engagement and influence behaviours. Social media has become an essential part of marketers’ toolkit to help with this challenge and now many L&D professionals are beginning to follow this lead.

  • Master conversations

Using social media to shout about your learning services isn't the best approach. Self-promotion is the most complex element of social media engagement and it only works when you add value and engage. Use the channels to prompt useful conversations and improve understanding and knowledge rather than shamelessly promoting your existing products. One ratio to bear in mind is 80/20 – 80% curated content, 20% your own, created content.

  • Understand your consumers

Are you aware of what your customers actually care about and talk about? What are the learning conversations that are taking place in the business and what are people’s learning needs?

  • Open up the conversations

If social media is to improve engagement and change behaviours, then learners need to be the stars of your conversations. Can you develop them from recipients of learning to passionate brand advocates? Consumer-centric social media campaigns enable much broader conversations. You need to allow your staff to talk not only about what you create, but about what they create too.

  • Share great content

Continually generating and sharing great content which informs, inspires and educates is at the heart of good engagement. Be generous with content – keep it relevant and useful so consumers are always hungry for more.

  • Align social media to business strategy

The use of various social media tools and methods should absolutely be aligned to your business objectives, however the first step is actually mastering those tools and knowing just how much their benefit is. The biggest challenge of social media is proving the ROI, but don’t let this discourage you!

Would you like to learn more about social media for L&D? Use the comment box below to tell us about your biggest social media challenge and what you’d like to learn more about.