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Wellbeing & Personal Development

Podcast: From personal to workplace wellbeing

Tuuli Tervaskanto, VMware
Published: October 10, 2023
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An In Good Company podcast with Tuuli Tervaskanto, Country Manager Finland & Baltics at VMware

Wellbeing – what does this mean for individuals and organisations?

I think we can all agree that wellbeing is a massive topic! But making sure we're feeling good, have a sense of purpose and are able to function well in life no longer rests solely on the individual - it's moved from buzz word to being firmly embedded in organisational vocabulary. 

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Tuuli Tervaskanto joins Dan to discuss all aspects of wellbeing. Tuuli very successfully balances her passion for wellbeing with a fast-paced career in the ever-changing technology industry. In this episode, Tuuli shares her own experience of realising she needed to prioritise wellbeing in her life, before moving on to discuss how leaders can manage stress and what is the role of technology and AI in wellbeing.

How can employees improve wellbeing?

What part does an organisation have to play in wellbeing? What should leaders be prioritising?

"It's seeing people as individuals. Wellbeing of course can mean a lot of different things to different people. Ideally give people the freedom and flexibility to establish the kind of work life balance that is good for them and do the things that are important for their wellbeing.

But that is not an easy answer for an organisation to implement because that means taking everybody as individuals. It's like a lot of different approaches. So, what I would say in today's world (and this could be a little provocative), but people tend to be by nature a little lazy. And this means we all need someone to push us a little bit sometimes. And whilst remote work and allowing people to choose their hours is great, and it does support work life balance and wellbeing, it also leaves a lot of responsibility on the individuals. Leaders can balance this by encouraging an open culture of speaking, of getting people together in real life, working with each other, and talking about other things, not just work."

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