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Leadership development for a more inclusive hybrid world

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Transformational Leadership


OutLEAD is a customized, global and cross-business
virtual experience that enables leaders across PGIM to help others reach their full potential and deliver on the business strategy.

The OutLEAD program’s learning objectives included:

  • Increased capacity for leadership action as distinct from technical expertise or management
  • Ability to lead with inclusivity and empathy through deep listening and a desire to understand
  • Ability to make agile leadership decisions in service of strategic business needs
  • Ability to role model appropriate orientation to risk and failure in order to release the potential of others
  • Skill and fluency in sharing timely and actionable feedback


OutLEAD is a six-week global and cross-business blended program that is self-driven and personal. It is offered either in-person over three days or virtual over six weeks, to leverage the power of a hybrid work environment. 

A key focus of the program is to develop inclusivity and to help others reach their full potential, with a red thread of empathetic leadership running throughout the experience. The program also emphasises peer-to-peer development, provided through small learning circles, self-sustaining peer coaching sessions, and a peer-led development center. 

The program won a coveted gold Brandon Hall award for the Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Program and silver for Best Advance In Leadership Development. 

“Six cohorts into the program and I could not be more optimistic about the capability of our PGIM leaders to take us into the future.” – Barbara Fuchs – Vice President, PGIM Talent Management.

See what our customers say about us
Aidan Keough
Head of Retail Banking
St George Bank
“The workshop is very practical and built my confidence to be a better coach. The real plays were so useful to go back to my team and have more effective helping conversations. I am now more prepared and have a framework to use”
Adam Eaton
Director of Group Management
"These experiential development projects deliver significant benefit; connectivity to the company’s purpose, ‘prosperity and peace of mind’, a tangible sense of well- being and rapid team formation. Impact have delivered some extremely well organised projects that have had a very beneficial effect on the local community.”
Barbara Fuchs
Vice President, PGIM Talent Management
“Six cohorts into the programme and I could not be more optimistic about the capability of our PGIM leaders to take us into the future.”