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Collaborate, support, and liberate human potential in your organization through coaching.

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The importance of coaching

The skills and expertise that created success over the last ten years are different from the ones that will be required for success in the decade ahead. As organisations transform and become more human-centred, they must become psychologically safe places to listen, learn, give feedback, have empathy for one another, and have courageous conversations.  

There are coaching options - either to be coached or to develop your coaching skills. Find out how Impact can help you with all of these needs, from executive coaching to coaching for performance below.

For organisations to change, people need to change. Coaching is a powerful way to help people become active learners and so help others to learn. Coaching can unlock the potential of your leaders and transform your organisation. Impact coaches bring a unique combination of expertise, challenge, and support, through a highly tailored and human-centred approach. 

Teams and organisations that regularly coach significantly outperform those that do not. There is no better way to liberate the human potential in your organisation, than through the simple act of having someone ask powerful questions and then ‘hold the space’ to discover new ways forward. 

Great leaders know that there is a time to teach, advise and delegate and also a time for to learn, question and review.

We offer Executive Coaching to help senior leaders step back and assess the challenges facing them. Through a series of 1:1 sessions with an Impact coach, they will take a deep dive into the personal challenges that they are facing. An organisation does not set the agenda for coaching, this is agreed between the coach and coaches. Together you will work to establish how best to navigate your personal challenge for your own benefit and of their organisation. Our coaches may use diagnostic tools to support the process and coaching may be built into a programme with Impact or can be offered as a stand alone.

All our coaches have a wealth of coaching experience and participate in ongoing professional development. What makes Impact coaching uniquely effective is that all of our coaches are also leadership development experts, experiential learning designers, and expert group facilitators.

Coaching for performance is designed to support leaders, managers, teams, executives, project groups and networks of all sizes. 

You don't have to be a leader to be an effective coach. Our approach builds the capacity for people to coach others effectively to maximize their performance by direct encounter with the skills and capabilities necessary to perform. Of course - we recognize that in diverse, remote, and hybrid teams, coaching is becoming more and more important. Coaching for Performance deserves its accolades as a stand-alone development program, but it can also be added to your wider Impact program.

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