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Leadership Development at Dentsu Aegis Network

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Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN), the global media group, partnered with Impact to launch the Propeller Program, an innovative leadership development program for first-time managers.

DAN plans to become a 100% digital economy, a strategy underpinned by a commitment to building a culture of innovation. The Propeller Program develops new generations of emerging leaders who are focused on speed, clear communication, agility, decision making, and are capable of dealing with complexity and collaborating across all DAN brands.

The program ensures alignment with DAN’s new operating model, leadership competencies, and company values using four key learning methods: 

  • Innovative experiential learning methodologies including a custom-designed, live immersive business challenge
  • Intro to EQ that served as a golden thread pulled through all of the program elements
  • Filmed Leadership Story presentation
  • Peer Consulting addressing critical issues

The results have been outstanding, producing an amazing experience that resonates through the Dentsu Aegis Network, while aligning business goals with HR objectives. It delivered a targeted employee development program that supported core business objectives and grew leadership capability across the organization.

See what our customers say about us
Programme participant
Premier Farnell
"The programme’s combination of personal experiences, the trust with the team, the communtiy project, the sense of accomplishment and most of all the feedback in a trusting environment – has helped me to be a better leader."
Christopher Williams
Strategic Content Manager
“I see real benefits in terms of the operational efficiency of the business. We’ve had loads of really good examples where people have either driven forward existing projects or new projects.”
Dale Gunstone
Senior Executive Coach
"It has been a pleasure working with such a dynamic organisation who have brought my vision of this intricate programme for our organisation to life. To create something so unique to span our three levels of leadership, whilst keeping them together as one, has been a challenging but rewarding journey that has helped to drive our values, culture and business approach for the future."