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Change management at Carview

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With the appointment of a new CEO at Carview Corporation came a refreshed vision based on recent changes in the automotive industry.

Change was needed to achieve this vision. The CEO identified a need to begin with personnel and assessment systems. The key factor would come next, strengthening management to promote the development of the employees who would implement the changes during the year, encouraging and empowering them to take action.

The main goal of management reinforcement was to share the same protocols among all managers. By developing a common understanding of the strength of the corporation, managers would be empowered to do better than just imitating the management of superiors or adhering to previously established management styles.

This would also enable them to understand and reflect on these protocols in their time management, as well as deepen their knowledge and understanding of effective management.

Carview worked with Impact to establish a programme consisting of a training session facilitated by Impact, and an in-house follow-up. The training session focused on the following:

  • Lecture on basic knowledge of management
  • Problem-solving activities in groups
  • Review of each team, led by a facilitator
  • Sessions of dialogue and discussion

Participants were able to put what they had learned in the lecture into practice in the experiential section.

They repeatedly reflected upon different personality types within the organisation. Accordingly, participants not only acknowledged what they did/did not do, but also explored the motivations behind their decision-making.

Relationships between participants were strengthened through dialogue in which they shared their own projects and visions with each other, gaining a sense of ownership. In addition, participants were encouraged to review their time management abilities, make a plan to realise their vision and achieve more self-awareness.

All the participants developed an understanding of the management protocols through the basic knowledge acquired during the training and simulated activities. They became aware of how they were expected to act in their roles.

A sense of solidarity was also created among the managers, with communication between departments becoming much easier and more effective.

The CEO participated in the training as a member of the management team. She is now confident that they have successfully accelerated the business plan for the next fiscal year and is happy that the programme provided a great opportunity to launch this new vision.

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Trish Weir
Manager Customer Engagement: Liveability and Wellbeing, Livingstone Shire Council
“Lendlease continues to amaze me and the delegates that we engage with are wonderful human beings, bringing their diversity, dedication and overall niceness to play in our virtual Springboard sessions.”
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