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Regenerative business

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Impact is committed to working in partnership with our client partners and wider stakeholder network for the good of the planet, society and humanity. As individuals and organisations, we operate within complex ecological, social, and economic systems, and our actions reverberate throughout these networks.

Many business practices have a negative impact – they are degenerative. This has increasingly devastating effects on many aspects of the natural world and human communities, and this is set to accelerate.

Whilst many organisations are committing to sustainability initiatives as part of their ESG strategy, regenerative business describes the need to take this further and go ‘beyond sustainability’.

As an organisation, going beyond sustainability means committing to build on sustainability best practices to move into regenerative business practices – having a positive rather than just neutral impact. For example, this could mean going from net zero to net positive.

Impact is working hard to help clients make this shift, to create organisational processes and approaches that give more than they take from the system, positively impacting the natural world and society, and redressing the balance.

Building on our experience of working with global organisations in driving transformational leadership and leading change, our portfolio of regenerative business solutions can help you and your organisation to have a positive impact and move towards the goals set out in initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals, Biodiversity COP15 and Climate COP27.

Regenerative design, practice and leadership can be sources of competitive advantage for your organisations whilst also restoring the health of ecological and human communities.

Whatever stage you are at on your journey, be it striving for more sustainable practice, aiming for net zero, or becoming regenerative curious, we would love to work with you on your transformation.

Our awards

Year after year, we continue to be acknowledged for the quality and effectiveness of our partnerships with clients and for our own work on building Impact as an organisation worth working for.

Ecovadis gold award
EcoVadis 2023

EcoVadis assess how well companies’ have integrated the principles of sustainability into their business and management systems. Their analysis positions Impact in the top 5% of our industry, retaining our gold rating for another 12 months.

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2023 Top 20 leadership training
Top 20 Leadership Training Company 2023

For the 13th year in a row, Impact has been recognised as a Training Industry Top 20 Leadership Training Company in 2023. We are delighted to be included in this exclusive community of top-notch providers for learning and development solutions.

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