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Leadership development

Great leadership isn’t found in a certain type of person, it is found in the actions that a person takes. 

Rock formations form above

Re-thinking leadership development

Uncertain times require a new and different way of thinking about leadership; relying on hierarchy and rigid processes does not work anymore.  

By taking a human-centred approach to leadership development you can empower people to take the leadership action that is needed. People who can assess a situation, have confidence in their decision making, flex easily and be mindful of the impact of their actions on others.  

At Impact, we frame leadership as a vital kind of action – a practical approach that can be learnt and developed, not just a list of pre-determined qualities a leader might be expected to have.  What makes our approach so unique, is that it can be developed in anyone, at any level, and then applied in any context and to any challenge your organisation is facing.