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Leadership in action for UniCredit

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Transformational Leadership


Xelion is the Italian investment banking division of the Unicredito Group.

In early 2006, Xelion began to develop a senior and middle management leadership programme for 50 managers from central functions and sales. It needed to be innovative and challenging, with a focus on active leadership.

Impact Italia responded to Xelion’s needs by designing a Community Action Programme, to bring together the business and its communities for mutual benefit and learning.

The participants worked on a real project requiring them to design and lead a fundraising campaign taking place in 100 Italian piazzas to generate 500,000 Euros.

The managers were deeply affected by the community experience and the real consequences of their leadership actions. The community partner directly benefited from Xelion’s expertise and energy and the improved competencies of the managers.

See what our customers say about us
“Executed really well, I thought the interaction across the PGIM businesses was fantastic. A great way to meet others but also share similar experiences.”
Andy Fell
General Manager
"After a long working relationship with Impact in the UK, I was eager to engage them in my early days as the General Manager of Premium Financial Services. We ran two sessions, one for my leadership team and another with some of our outstanding talent. Both events were brilliant. As a participant and a leader I saw immense benefits on a personal and business level. We now have clarity of vision, purpose and direction along with a unique bond that will allow us to soar to new heights."
Aidan Keough
Head of Retail Banking
St George Bank
“The workshop is very practical and built my confidence to be a better coach. The real plays were so useful to go back to my team and have more effective helping conversations. I am now more prepared and have a framework to use”