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Team development for graduates at PTTEP

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This team development programme for graduates working at Thailand’s national petroleum exploration and production company was designed to give them a deeper insight into their corporate values.

Each year, PTTEP conducts a month-long induction programme for their new graduates in order to immerse them in the company’s business ethic and culture and to equip them with business skills. Part of the induction programme is to introduce and reinforce an understanding of PTTEP's corporate values and the way they impact on their work environment.

In partnership with PTTEP, Impact designed a team development programme for 46 graduates, which integrated the PTTEP corporate values. Through a series of powerful workshops and activities, the graduates were able to gain deeper insight into the corporate values.

The programme began with the graduates working in sub-groups alongside senior staff to discuss the values and what they mean to them. Activities throughout the programme were designed to challenge the graduates and to encourage and highlight facilitated discussions of the values. Emphasis was also placed on providing opportunities for the graduates to develop a better understanding of themselves and their colleagues and to have some fun.


The programme and learning outcomes created a strong bridge for these talented graduates to cross into the professional working culture of one of Asia Pacific’s leading petroleum companies.

"The programme provided by Impact was creative and engaging. Our graduates' engagement with the activities was of huge value to PTTEP as they gained a more thorough understanding of our business ethics and corporate values as well as the importance of working as a team. The programme therefore met our objectives most satisfactorily."

Leuchai Wongsirasawad
Executive Vice President, HR and Business Services

Energy & Utilities
Graduate Development
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Learning Technology Award 2020 Judges
Morgan Advanced Materials
“The use of experiential, challenge-led methodologies and the continual focus on sustainability goals and the SDGs creates an exceptionally forward thinking and effective framework to embed learning and tackle real challenges simultaneously in this blended pathway. Overall – very impressive!”
"We value the work Impact is doing to support The Vita Group on our sustainable practice transformation journey."
“It was an amazing learning experience. I’m extremely grateful to be part of the programme. Thank you for believing me and giving me courage. I got more than I could imagine out of it and definitely not what I was expecting.”