Leadership development for transformation at Faurecia

An award-winning, global, blended programme


'Drive' is an award winning innovation in leadership development programme custom-designed to support transformation at Faurecia, a global leader in the automotive industry. In line with their cultural shift project, over 12-18 months ‘Drive’ develops leadership competencies and embeds behavioural change.


In a VUCA world, with megatrends like autonomous and electric cars transforming the automotive industry, Faurecia's leadership competencies need to be transformed to enhance innovation, agility, autonomy, collaboration and entrepreneurship.


The global programme involves a dynamic mix of face-to-face experience, virtual experiences, digital and social learning. Experiential, challenging and reflective methodologies are used to help participants explore skills outside of their usual comfort zones, practice and leave with new skills including:

  • Understanding and flexing their authentic leadership style
  • Empower their team for an even better team performance
  • Strengthen communication skills for more impact
  • Lead change effectively to accelerate transformation
  • Foster creativity within teams to solve complex issues

The unique solution was deployed in three university hubs in 2016 to support Faurecia in a time of business growth. In the programmes’ first two years Faurecia’s stock market value increased by 131%, supported by the perfectly timed development programme where 2000+ managers completed modules.

Drive won a coveted silver excellence award from the Brandon Hall Group for ‘Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program’ in 2016.