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Sustainable innovation at Assimoco

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The Innovation Leadership programme is a full year journey involving the whole population of Assimoco at various level: from C- suite, Middle Management, Innovation Labs, Facilitators community and engagement of the entire population in an intense collective intelligence event.
The focus at all levels is the creation of value in its broader meaning.

The programme is aimed at developing self and team awareness of the innovation potential intrinsic in the organisation, stimulating individuals and groups with exposure to alternative and innovative environments (“Sensing Journeys”) and creating contexts for “value conversations” involving x-functional teams.

The pursued outcomes are to build a common language, spread the innovation mindset of “making new things happen creating value for someone” and translating this into actionable behaviors in daily business life.

The challenge of innovation has been put center stage in the agenda of the Board in the last three because Assimoco is tied to the standards of bank and insurance industry, which are

currently experiencing a significant evolution, with strong impacts on the distribution model and competitive behaviors.

Traditional ways of working seem to fall short and adapting, evolving, innovating are compelling imperatives.

Moreover, the impact of technology has already been felt in the industry. To add to the competition from traditional big players, new entrants are amassing with alternative business models, built around “digital” assets and skills.

Value based behaviors like “opening the mind”, “facilitating connections”, “filling the gap”, “experimenting” are recalled and experienced, to become part of a growing innovation culture, involving different layers of the organisation with dedicated experiential approaches.

Exposure to a variety of environments through the Sensing Journey experience allows individuals and teams to get in touch with different perspectives, outside their comfort zone, stimulating the search of meaning and solutions.

The different paths of this journeys have converged into a big Open Space Technology event with the involvement with the involvement of around 400 people; this event has produced a number of evolving initiatives, among which the launch of the Circles of Value and Innovation Labs.

The programme is currently exploring new territories and is blended with exploiting existing resources in creative ways, through the enhancement of relevant conversations aimed at the creation of value.

Facilitative Leadership has been introduced as a mindset at all levels in a multi-layer experiential learning process involving all the population.

Understanding and level of engagement in the Innovation journey has increased, with the participation an increasing number of people in the “Circles of Value”.

Innovation culture is enhanced by stressing the creation of innovation contexts through responsible leadership actions at all levels.

Innovation culture has been enhanced by stressing the creation of innovation contexts through responsible leadership at all levels:

  • 93% of managers felt more engaged in the Innovation Journey
  • 86% had better understanding of their role
  • 89% had better understanding of where the company is moving and why
  • 91% experienced a constructive environment with positive exchange among participants
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Mirella Maffei
Strategy and Innovation Officer
“An intense, engaging journey with a highly generative impact"