The Innovation Leadership programme is a full year journey for the entire population including an intense collective intelligence event.


Due to technological evolution of the banking and insurance industry Assimoco needed a programme to develop self and team awareness of the innovation potential intrinsic in the organisation. 

The pursued outcomes are to build a common language, spread the innovation mindset of “making new things happen creating value for someone” and translating this into actionable behaviors in daily business life.


The solution includes various dedicated experiential approaches including; Innovation Labs, a 'Sensing Journey' to allow individuals and teams to get in touch with different perspectives outside their comfort zone, and an Open Space Technology event with the involvement of 400 people.


Innovation culture has been enhanced by stressing the creation of innovation contexts through responsible leadership at all levels:

  • 93% of managers felt more engaged in the Innovation Journey
  • 86% had better understanding of their role
  • 89% had better understanding of where the company is moving and why
  • 91% experienced a constructive environment with positive exchange among participants