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How agile are you?

How agile are you?
Published: October 27, 2021
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At Impact, we believe that leadership agility is: The ability to react quickly with adaptive and decisive leadership action to address real-time challenges in your environment successfully. Developing the core skills that increase our capacity for leadership agility enables us to navigate periods of disruption and rapid change successfully. Understanding our current relationship with agility can help us begin the journey towards targeted skill development. 

Let’s look at your current relationship with agility via a brief 3–5-minute diagnostic. Download (you must do this to annotate) and complete the linked PDF agility diagnostic. Once complete, calculate your total score and have a look at what your scores tell you. Click here to access the PDF.

What does your score tell you? 

0–20 Your agile is fragile! 
You’ve been very honest! Maybe agility isn’t your style. Maybe you feel that you can’t be agile within your current work culture. Consider how your own mindset and habits may be getting in your own way of leadership agility.  There might be some small changes you can make within your personal sphere of control and influence. Find the person in your team who is most keen to work in a more agile way – take them out for a virtual coffee, and encourage them to tell you what changes they’d like to see. 

20–50 You’re agile-curious 
Maybe you’re as agile as you want to be.  What would enable you to become more agile? Is it your own reluctance, or are you imagining some barriers that aren’t there? Work on one or two of the habits described in the questionnaire and see what difference it makes. Speak to someone who knows you well – show them your questionnaire and get their view. 

50–60 You’re Agilicious 
Agility seems to be your natural way of thinking and working. This might be systematic and deliberate – or it might be connected to your personality and preferences. Did you even know you were doing it?  Could you be an advocate for this set of beliefs, principles, and working practices in your networks and community? 

Looking to increase your or others’ capacity for leadership agility? Find out more about our approach to leadership agility and explore a useful framework.