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CEO Business Leadership Survey 2020

CEO Business Leadership Survey 2020
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The results are in!

As we navigate this unique period of uncertainty, at Impact we wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how senior decision makers in companies across the world are responding. We surveyed over 100 business leaders from our global network, from organisations across a range of different sectors and sizes, and were surprised to find strong similarities between their experiences.  

It is clear that effective leadership and management are more important now than ever before, as change is forced upon businesses at a rapid and unprecedented scale. Uncertainty might be here to stay, but the need for innovation is widely recognised, and in many cases, welcomed. Priorities are shifting as businesses adapt to the challenges and demands of the ‘new normal’, and human relationships emerge at the heart of things.

In sharing the analysis and conclusions from this work we hope to contribute to the wider conversation about where businesses go from here and how their leaders might take them there. We believe that the commonality that emerged from our research is a sign of hope that, by working and learning together, we can navigate towards a successful and more sustainable future.

Download the report here

We also asked senior leaders and consultants at Impact to provide their perspective on some of they key trends that emerged from the research. You can read their findings below.

Leading creativity and talent

Leading communication

Leading homeworking

Leading people

Leading hope