Impact Australia, part of Impact, is a global and award-winning people development business which is truly passionate and driven about what we do and about making a difference to organisations.

What we do best

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Leadership Development

Truly inspirational leaders pay attention to what is going on around them, have the wisdom to know what must be done and crucially the courage to act. They have the compassion to consider the human being as well as the performance. They have a learning mindset and dare to bring their whole selves into their leadership. Impact is pre-eminent in the practical, lasting development of these magical characteristics.

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Developing Coaching Cultures

Our involvement in developing people’s capability, confidence and willingness to engage with their staff through coaching, challenging and providing feedback, stretches back over 20 years. During this time, we have worked with numerous clients to help leaders and managers to effectively coach and challenge their staff, equipping them with a range of highly practical and transferable skills.

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High Performing Teams

When working with any team to reach optimum performance, we first diagnose where to focus the development effort by looking at the following key areas; External Alignment, Unified Approach, High Performance Mindset, Quality Conversations and Effective Relationships. This builds on the work of Katzenbach & Smith, Tuckman and Losada & Heaphy.

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Graduate Development

Impact offers a unique proposition to developing Emerging Talent. Informed by our 30 years of global experience, current market trends and our relationships with clients, we have developed our key principles. These are embedded into our program design. Through investing in development you will help them succeed in a global, digitally enabled and transparent workplace.

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Health & Wellbeing

In a relentless, ever changing overly digital world, increasing numbers of people are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and disengaged. We have a number of unique and customisable programs which help employees to maximise their productivity, performance and potential equipping them with practical strategies and transferable skills to build resilience, deal with pressure and stress, practice mindfulness and attention and foster hope and optimism.

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Personal Development

Impact has unmatched experience and extensive research in the design and delivery of personal development programs. We focus on individual strengths and goals so people can thrive and be at their best. We have enriched the lives of the participants with measured increases in physical health, mental wellbeing and work life balance.This has driven real tangible business results e.g. increases in engagement and retention rates.

"This program has really ‘started something.’ We believe that there is a little dragon inside all of us... and coaching makes the difference when it comes to our people reaching their true potential."

Andy Fell, General Manager, Retail Banking, St. George Group