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Apprenticeship Training

Impact are global experts in creating development learning experiences that transform performance. Our apprenticeship training work is trusted by some of the world’s most demanding companies.

Building the adaptive workforce of the future through apprenticeship training

The apprenticeship levy is the most recent in a long line of Government initiatives designed to support activity that strengthens the skills and capabilities of the UK Labour Force. 

Impact believe that all vocational training at all levels must support participants to be able to continually learn and adapt successfully to the rapidly evolving global labour market ahead.

This means the design of every apprenticeship training programme needs to find the right balance between very job specific training and wider personal, developmental learning. 


All work and every job must continue to evolve in response to the dynamic commercial, competitive, technical and technological changes we see everywhere around us. This means all of us need to continue to learn, to lead our own learning and continue to grow as employees and as people. 

Impact have been developing people for 38 years across the world. We often describe our work as liberating brilliance because we believe in the capacity of anyone to learn, to grow and to achieve their ambitions for themselves and their organisations.

You can find out more about our apprenticeship training commitment below or if you have specific queries, speak to our team today.

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Why choose Impact?

The design of every apprenticeship programme must find the right balance between delivering job specific training and the type of wider development learning that will help individuals to continue to grow as employees, so they can adapt to the rapidly changing needs of their organisations and their careers ahead.