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Being Responsible

There is little point in companies pursuing individual success when so many of our wider systems are in danger of failing.

Doing the right thing

We know, in our hearts, if the organisation we are working for is acting responsibly or not.

It isn’t simple of course.

All organisations can get some things right and other things wrong.

But for any organisation to be truly worth working for, worth investing in, worth being a customer of then acting responsibly is no longer optional.

Why? The scale of the challenges we face as a global society demand that our organisations step up.

After all it is only through our organisations (whether public, private or voluntary) that we can act together to meet those challenges head on.

At Impact we have been getting on with the work of trying to be a responsible organisation right from the start.

We have learned a lot.

We bring that learning into our work with clients who are all are on their own journey towards responsible leadership.

We also use our resources, facilities and expertise to make a contribution to our wider community. Here are some examples:

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Learning in the Community

Like many organisations we have a pro-bono service which sees us working with charities, community groups, schools, social enterprises and more helping them with strategy, with leadership development, with team development and coaching. We get as much out of this work as we put in. (Find out more about our work)
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United Nations Global Compact

We have been one of the smallest companies to sign the UNGC since 2005, supporting the principles and contributing to the global conversation about responsible and ethical business.

Impact Aid Logo

Impact Aid

We fundraise to support a charitable venture that's close to our hearts. Our current chosen charity is Jigsaw Children's Hospice and as always it is a privilege to work alongside professionals helping others in the most inspiring and compassionate way. (Get in touch with us)
ecovadis gold rating 2018

Ecovadis Gold

We had our CSR activities externally audited recently by EcoVadis to try and benchmark our work against other companies. We were pleased to receive a Gold Rating which puts us in the top 5% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis.

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Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are the closest thing we have to a Global Business Plan. We actively promote leadership action in support of the SDGs as a catalyst for change.

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Kids' Holiday

For many years we have hosted a kids' holiday at our Lake District HQ in the UK. We take a group of kids who otherwise would never have a holiday and give them their own adventure over a week of fun and excitement. (Discuss opportunities with us)

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.

Mother Teresa