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Is your top team ready for 2024?

With the pace of change increasing, your senior team needs to be in their best shape to navigate the year ahead.

Frozen shapes

Review, reset, refocus

The global landscape of disruption is only set to increase, and the ability of any organisation to flourish in the future is a crucial test of its senior team's performance. 

With the right mix of strategic capability, experience and skillset, high team performance should come easily to senior leadership teams. But what about when the world around them is constantly changing? When the demands are piling up? When challenges are becoming more and more complex? 

Impact work with organisations to transform the performance of mission-critical teams. Our senior team workshop can empower your top team to review team performance and best practice, purposefully reset and reconnect, and refocus their leadership for 2024 and beyond. 

This winter we have a limited number of complementary workshops to offer to senior teams.

The half-day workshops will challenge your leaders to reflect on their leadership action, and consider what they are doing as a team to drive change, build relationships, and grow your business.

Through our unique approach to experiential learning, this workshop will give your senior team the opportunity to:


  • Reflect on key highlights from the year
  • Gain awareness of how they function as a team
  • Explore what they need to do differently


  • Share feedback between team members
  • Develop resiliency and how they hold each other accountable
  • Explore opportunities to lead on wellbeing and self-care 


  • Unify behind the core purpose of the team, and align this with the broader organisational strategy 
  • Create personal leadership commitments
  • Gain external awareness, understanding how to align to stakeholders for 2024 and beyond

The outcomes are consequential. Leaders explore new ways of approaching a situation, gathering knowledge, developing tangible skills, and testing their ability in a safe space.​

And, most importantly, the learning is transferable. Your leaders will leave with the ability to apply the techniques learned in diverse situations, with outcomes many describe as life-changing for themselves and their organisations.​


Learn more about our approach to teams and get in touch to transform your senior team's performance