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We have worked in Pharmaceutical institutions for the past 40 years, across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health and retail/pharmacy.

Blue and red coast

Leadership for sustainable finance

The pharmaceutical industry must continue to push forwards in 2023 through a complex web of challenges. Having innovated its way through the pandemic, the industry continues to see a rise in global demand, forcing companies to rethink their long-term strategies for sustainability. The product landscape also continues to rapidly evolve, which is likely to exacerbate fragmentation to the sector.

Further, pharmaceutical organisations are not immume from the more generic market challenges such as:

  • Supply chain pressures
  • Tighter and increasing regulatory reviews and standards
  • Talent shortages

These factors are causing pharmaceutical companies to change their strategies, however, they must do so in a way that combines tactical short-term actions with long-term initiatives that tie to a larger, strategic vision. 

We are experts in creating agents of change, cultures of innovation and leaders who thrive when confronted with ambiguity. We have created unique development solutions to suit the needs of our pharmaceutical client portfolio, including Polpharma and Stryker

How we work with pharma

Organisations across pharmaceutical, healthcare, life science and medical technology have partnered with us for over 40 years, to help with their talent retention, succession planning, skills development, and employee engagement challenges. With our expertise and customised approach, we can help your organisation navigate these challenges and drive sustainable growth. Contact us today to learn more about our services. 


Case Studies

Change Management
Talent Management

Leading culture reshape with Polpharma Group

Leading an organisational wide cultural transformation programme to retain talent.

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Team Development

Board team integration programme at Stryker

Becoming a high-performing team.

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Team Development

Team development at the NHS

Creating a high-performance team

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Team Development

Modular Team Development Programme

Translating corporate vision, mission and values into everyday business practice

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Transformational Leadership

High-potential senior leaders programme at Cigna

Creating bench strength for future technology senior leadership positions

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