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Sustainable Innovation

Podcast: Leading sustainable business

John Maddy
Published: May 27, 2023
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An In Good Company podcast with John Maddy, Long Valley Holidays.

Is it truly possible to lead a sustainable business?

From environment to supply chain, purpose to profit, risk to regulations ... there are many challenges facing business owners.

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John Maddy is co-founder of Long Valley Holidays, a company that began offering glamping holidays in 2008, eight years before the term was recognised in the dictionary. John’s passion for the outdoors and outdoor living has changed the way people holiday and camp, and his determination to conduct his business in a sustainable, ethical and safe manner has also driven an emergent market to be regulated.

John's conversation is a fascinating, open and honest insight into what it takes to lead an organisation from a start up to a sustainable business. How to balance risk with family life. The importance of purpose – creating, communicating and living it authentically. And how an industry can prioritise looking after the environment even when the challenge feels too high.

There are lessons here for us all, especially in John’s piece of advice to himself if he was starting over: “Trust your gut and always choose the right thing. This might not be the cheapest, quickest or easiest thing. But it’s important to ensure your values remain at the heart of the choices that you make.”

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