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Podcast: HR and inclusion

Leadership podcast: HR and inclusion
Published: July 11, 2023
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An In Good Company podcast with Mukta Arya, Chief Human Resources Officer (APAC) at Société Générale.

What are the biggest challenges facing HR?

There can't be many departments with a bigger remit than human resources… but what effect has the pandemic had, what are the current challenges and how can you lead human centric initiatives consistently in a multinational organisation?

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Dan is joined by Mukta Arya, a seasoned HR professional who is Société Générale's regional head of HR for Asia Pacific. Together they take a deeper dive into the world of HR and leadership, inclusion and diversity. It's a fascinating insight through the lens of a senior female leader with over 25 years of experience in various industries across Asia. Here's a taster of their conversation... you'll find all the links to listen and watch the podcast below.

The top 4 issues facing HR leaders post-pandemic

The challenges for HR professionals have been there from the time immemorial, at least when I started my career in human resources. Here are four current challenges:

  1. Attracting and retaining talent in a global marketplace

There's always so many things going on in the mind when we are looking at people. With globalisation, with people moving everywhere, it also becomes a little bit more difficult. It's much easier for employees to move around, to get jobs somewhere else or have double nationality, citizenship or permanent residency or whatever. Attracting and retaining the right talent is has a different dimension compared to what we had 20 years ago. 

  1. Engaging multigenerational teams

Another challenge is of the four generations that are working together, how to really engage all of them. You can't have one solution for inter-generational challenges as they like to do things differently. So how do you have programmes, how do you have benefits which are basically appealing to these four generations?

  1. Inclusion

Inclusion (not so much of diversity, which is still there, by the way) but people inclusion is still something which is it is moving on. It is an issue that people are talking about and something we really need to work on consistently. 

  1. Managing the wellbeing of HR professionals

Finally, as human resources, people, professionals, we are human beings and employees ourselves. There's a lot more emotional baggage, a lot more emotional content that we have to face in our in our jobs, which is for employees, but also for ourselves. Many changes have come post-pandemic, hybrid working, overload of information and multiple priorities with lean teams. I think it's a question of how do we make ourselves rejuvenated to really help the organisations that we are working in.

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