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Pirelli Broadband Solutions (PBS) è la società del Gruppo Pirelli specializzata in prodotti per l'accesso a banda larga a servizi multimediali per la casa e per l'ufficio.

Agire una capacità di leadership nuova basata sulla disponibilità dei propri Project Manager ad assumere rischi in prima persona, ad affrontare le sfide in modo proattivo, a sviluppare una nuova capacità di leggere il mercato e cogliere, in modo pragmatico, gli spazi di business e di innovazione.

Impact ha permesso di “far cambiare davvero le cose” disegnando un percorso ad hoc, articolato in tre tappe capaci di sviluppare consapevolezza e cambiamento, per azioni di leadership efficaci e di impatto. Durante il percorso si sono alternati momenti di feedback individuali ad attività altamente esperienziali in gruppo.

Il gruppo ha dimostrato una notevole capacità di evolvere verso comportamenti più efficaci e funzionali, che hanno fatto fare un salto di qualità al clima e alle relazioni interpersonali nel gruppo.

Klienci o nas
Ben Harris
Programme Participant
"Before the programme I was probably what you’d call a classic micro-manager. I now delegate work to my direct reports and am enjoying watching them develop their own styles and strengths supported with my coaching. I am proud of the development I’m seeing in the people around me now that I’m letting them expand their capabilities and helping them achieve their full potential."
Kevin Wright
Shell Sales Excellence EMEA
"The business value created by Impact was immediate. This experience was a highly effective catalyst to generating superior performance both as individuals and as a team. It gave us the foundation to build connection and mutual endeavour, which we have now encapsulated in our ways of working. We recognise that this is the start of our journey to becoming a high performing team with visible success and recognition driving real commitment at all levels. A highly motivating and rewarding experience."
Mandir Singh
HR Director BP Asia Pacific
BP Asia Pacific
"This was an excellent programme, tailored to meet the needs of our key countries in Asia Pacific. It has laid the foundation for each country peer group to develop as a high performing team exhibiting both the appropriate behaviours and competencies. Through Impact's highly effective and engaging style, each leadership team has now formulated a clear and well-defined road map to commit to and implement."