Are you ready for change?

In todays uncertain, volatile and complex world, the necessity for organisational change is critical. 

When people do think about how change is going to happen, they often want a rule book, a set process they have to follow  start here, do a bit of this, gather some stuff, do a bit more stuff and kaboom weve changed. But the core point is that there isnt a one size fits all instruction manual on how to do change in organisations.


We would like to invite you to this interactive think tank session to:

  • Exchange: Leaders across different industry sharing insights and challenges 
  • Explore: VUCA in action through practical project
  • Learn: VUCA Q  - Situational Agility Index for leaders

When: Friday 10th May, 2-4pm

Location: Floor 1, No 1166, West Yan An Road, “ABSOLUTEA茶观

Cost: Free, including refreshments