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Environmental Policy

Green hills

Impact is committed to delivering high-quality programmes that have a minimal negative effect upon the environments we work in. Our environmental objectives and targets are set at the management level to ensure continuous environmental improvement.

Our policy within the UK includes:

  • Compliance with, and wherever possible exceeding, environmental legislation and local users agreements
  • Environmental Impact Assessments of all current hazardous activities
  • A commitment to reduce pollution and carbon emissions
  • Management of waste products, including the reduction, reuse and recycling of all possible materials and supplies
  • Use of energy-efficient methods wherever possible
  • Integration of environmental objectives into the direction of our activities
  • Annual reviews and reporting of environmental policies and practices
  • Transport strategies for both fleet vehicles and powerboat use.

Impact have been signatories to the UNGC since 2005. Each year, we produce a report that demonstrates how we are progressing against the ten principles underpinning the initiative. These principles include human rights, labour standards, anti-corruption and the environment.

Since 2020, most of our work is being done from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, dramatically reducing the number of emissions we create from commuting to the workplace. Additionally, our people are encouraged to incorporate sustainable living into their everyday lives.