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Organisational Change at DSV ISS

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DSV International Shared Services, a leader in transport and logistics, worked with Impact to implement a new business strategy and strengthen leadership capacity in a time of rapid growth.

Supporting the rapid growth of DSV International Shared Services (DSV ISS) by defining and cascading new values - based business strategy whilst developing leadership capacity.

Multiple interventions supported the design and implementation of a high-growth new business strategy based on organisational values. The project focused on facilitating leaders to develop their ideas, cascading the strategy and developing leadership capacity at all organisational levels.

DSV ISS needed to strengthen leadership capacity across the organisation to support rapid growth and embed an ambitious strategy that sets a clear direction for the company’s future. Strengthening DSV’s leadership culture was essential as:

  • Dynamic growth of the business requires leaders who can manage growth in a constantly changing environment.
  • The development of strong leadership was needed, especially within the middle management level, as the organisation had become too large to be managed by a small number of even the most charismatic leaders.
  • Leadership competencies and values needed to be clarified and developed across the organisation

Impact implemented a companywide change solution to prepare the organisation for the next stage of the business’s development. The solution included several different interventions across different layers of the business:

  • Facilitation of three strategic workshops with the Top Team where DSV ISS strategy and values were developed.
  • Impact supported to cascade of the newly developed strategy using two events devoted to implementation of the newly defined business values.
  • To support the change process and to strengthen leadership capacity, Impact conducted two multi-modular experiential “Leadership in action“ programmes for all of DVS ISS’s N-1 population of leaders.

The whole process was supported by non-training activities such as individual action plans, self-implementation tasks to carry out ‘on the job’, and individual coaching meetings with an Impact coach.

Between workshops, participants were supported by managers in individual meetings. The change process was also supported with individual executive coaching sessions for key leaders in the business.

The implementation of this solution helped DSV ISS to create and successfully implement their ambitious and very well-articulated new business strategy. It gave leaders clarity about what is expected of their role and gave them support to take up the challenge to implement the necessary changes. Impact continues to support DSV ISS in the role of trusted advisor, helping to build further leadership capacity for the next stage of the dynamic business growth process.

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Agnieszka Nowak
Learning and Development Leader
"Impact consultants are professionals deeply committed within each stage of the project: starting from analysis up to training delivery. I am very impressed by their ability of very insightful analysis of customer’s needs. They “connect dots”, looking upon our needs from different business perspectives."