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The hope of 'yet'

The hope of 'yet'
Published: October 27, 2020
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We haven’t reached our targets.

We haven’t organised ourselves in the way we need to.

We haven’t made all the difficult decisions.

We haven’t found a cure for Covid.

We haven’t made sense of it all.

We haven’t been able to see as many people as we’d hoped to.

We haven’t returned to work.

We haven’t had that big party we wanted.

We haven’t made plans for Christmas.

We haven’t sorted our pensions out.

We haven’t fixed that loose tile.

We haven’t run a marathon.

We haven’t hugged that person.

We haven’t read that book.

We haven’t had that conversation.

We haven’t learnt how to play the piano.

We haven’t slowed down.

We haven’t sped up.

We haven’t saved enough money.

We haven’t learnt how to do the things we need to do.

We haven’t distributed the wealth fairly.

We haven’t stopped people going to bed hungry.

We haven’t rewilded the planet.

We haven’t stopped using single-use plastic.

We haven’t gone carbon neutral.

We haven’t all agreed that black lives matter.

We haven’t made poverty history.

Now, read the above sentences and put the word ‘yet’ at the end of each one.

Reframe our future with the hope of yet. Believe in the potential of humans to do wonderful, incredible, important, beautiful things.

We’re not there yet, but we need to believe that we can be. We need to liberate human potential everywhere, stand up when it is being quashed, and believe in the hope of yet.

Dom Fitch is a Senior Consultant and Head of Creative Change at Impact.